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8 of the Best Events and Festivals in Europe That Should Be on Your Bucket List

St Patrick’s Day
Where: Ireland
What is it: Cultural and religious celebration, Feast of Saint Patrick
When: Annually every 17 March
2017 Dates: 16 March – 19 March

Where: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
What is it: Tulip and flower festival
When: Annually during spring
2017 Dates: 23 March – 21 May

Carnevale di Venezia (Carnival of Venice)
Where: Venice, Italy
What is it: A carnival tradition renowned for its unique and mesmerizing masks
When: Annually before Easter
2017 Dates: 11 – 28 February

Running of the Bull (Festival of San Fermin)
Where: Pamplona, Spain
What is it: Spanish fiesta, cultural and religious festival
When: Annually
2017 Dates: 7 – 14 July

Where: Boom, Belgium
What is it: Electronic music festival known for its spectacular stage designs
When: Annually
2017 Dates: 21 – 30 July

Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Where: Edinburgh, Scotland
What is it: Arts festival
When: Annually
2017 Dates: 4 – 28 August

La Tomatina
Where: Buñol, Valencia, Spain
What is it: A food fight festival
When: Annually every last Wednesday in August
2017 Dates: 30 August

Where: Munich, Germany
What is it: Folk festival featuring beer, traditional food, music, rides, and parade
When: Annually from late September to the first weekend of October
2017 Dates: 16 September – 3 October