Life and Times: Things Europeans are Better At

Nice tramway

Europhile or not, you have got to hand it to the Europeans for being good at life. From using and enjoying vacation time to savoring delicious eats, here are some of the things Europeans do better.

Europe is inarguably one continent with a high concentration of must-try beers. It even has plenty of events and festivals showcasing its finest brews. From Belgian craft beers to Czech pilsners and everything in between, Europe is a beer lover’s dream destination.

Camembert (Normandy, France), Chèvre (France), Feta (Greece), Gouda (Netherlands), Gruyère (Switzerland), Mozzarella (Italy), Parmigiano-Reggiano (Italy), Roquefort (France), Taleggio (Lombardy, Italy), and Manchego (Spain). Need we say more?

Home to some of the best chocolates in the world. Europe is a heavenly place for chocoholics. Follow the chocolate trails from Brussels in Belgium to Tain L’Hermitage in France to Broc in Switzerland and more.

Get your fill of historic architecture, great masterpieces of art, culture, and heritage one town and city at a time across the continent. Explore hundreds of museums and galleries as well cities rich in culture and history.

Beers, cheeses, and chocolates aside, Europe is easily one of the world’s top culinary destinations. Savor the traditional cuisines one country at a time and discover the tastes and flavors of its many cities and towns.

Public Transportation
Getting around or traveling to another European country is fairly easy. Just hop on one of the many train, bus, and other public transport options available to you and you are good to go. Many countries in Europe are also leaders in green transport options. You can cycle, walk, or ride in trains powered by renewable energy.

Slowing Down
Europeans know how to take their time. Siesta is still sacrosanct in certain places. They take leisurely lunches or dinners. You will see people sitting in cafes sipping coffee in an unhurried pace.

Work/Life Balance
You do not talk about work/life balance in Europe. You live it. Europeans enjoy their paid holidays or vacation time. In many countries, workers enjoy shorter work days, offline holidays, maternity and paternity leaves, and after work hours spent not doing work.

Nature time
With so many city, urban, and national parks not to mention its many breathtaking nature destinations, Europe is a place for nature and outdoor lovers.