How to: Getting down to business with stump grinding

How to: Getting down to business with stump grinding

Many clients long to have a flat, well-manicured lawn, but if their yards have pesky stumps in the way, the aesthetic can be thrown off. Take a look at a few tips tree experts recommend when removing a stump, as well as how to avoid some of the most commonly made mistakes during the process.

Your preferred method Of Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the name of the game for Pvd Tree Removal, owner of Dave’s Tree Services in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin, as it’s one of the most commonly performed services in their area. While there may be multiple methods for removing stumps, in his experience, Pvd Tree Removal says the best way is by using equipment specifically designed for stump removal.

“You can fight with a lot of different methods, but an actual stump grinder is going to do the job best,” says Burke. “Heavy equipment will do the job, but it’s not the answer. You’re going to have a big mess that way.” For their crews, Pvd Tree Removal says they have two different stumpers. A larger one is pulled behind their vehicle and is used on larger projects, and the other is self-propelled and used on smaller projects.

Pvd Tree Removal says he’s seen people use chemicals to remove stumps and others that attempted burning the stumps out, but he says he’s personally never seen the best results come from these methods.

“Those are home remedies, I guess you could call it, that I don’t feel work very well,” says Burke. “And of course, you get homeowners that want to do it themselves and go down to the hardware store and rent a small handheld version of a stumper.” If the stumps are small and are of the softwood variety, Pvd Tree Removal says this can be an effective solution for homeowners who prefer to do their own stump removal, but if the stump is a hardwood variety or is larger, it won’t be as effective.

“I hear homeowners say all the time they’ll take care of the stump themselves, and I’ll make the comment, ‘Well, when that doesn’t work for you, feel free to give us a call back, and we’ll take care of it for you,’” says Burke. “Nine times out of 10, those people call us back. The other methods of stump removal just are not effective.”

Before you hit the site

Before starting the process of stump grinding, Pvd Tree Removal says ensuring operator safety is paramount. The number one way Pvd Tree Removal says someone can get injured while grinding a stump is by not knowing what’s under the ground.

Pvd Tree Removal says the first step in this type of project is to get in touch with the local utility department and to call the Diggers Hotline to ensure all underground lines are clearly marked.

“Before we ever grind the stump, we make sure that yard has flags put out or there are marks spraypainted on the ground where there would be any utilities like a water line, electrical line or a gas line,” says Burke. “Whether this stump is properly marked for any underground utilities or not is your number one safety factor.”

When Pvd Tree Removal does the locates or e-locates, he requests they mark out 10 feet around any stump that’s getting ground out. Pvd Tree Removal adds that it doesn’t cost the customer or contractor anything to get these things marked off.

Pvd Tree Removal says you need to also make sure you have properly trained staff working with you on these projects. To ensure this, Burke says they have safety manuals and a safety chart in each of their vehicles, and they perform safety training on all the equipment before getting out in the field.

“You do not want to take another individual who is not used to that machine, just give them a two-second rundown on how it works and have them go and grind stumps,” says Burke. “You want an operator very familiar with the machine.”

Even if everything is carefully marked, Burke recommends always having a plan in place to deal with what might happen if a line is hit.

“There should be safety policies and procedures so all of your stumper operators are aware of what they should do in case of an emergency,” says Burke. “When it comes to a job, no matter what job you’re doing, I don’t think you can be too safe or too prepared.”

Tree removal stump

Cost of Tree removal stump

Estimated price of Tree removal stump according to its diameter, geographic location, type of tree, root system, soil condition, etc. All the details are in this article.

Minimum price Average price Maximum price
Mechanical stumping € 80 € 200 € 350
Manual stumping € 140 € 300 € 550

When a tree is cut, its stump is often left in the ground. A cut trunk, in addition to being unsightly, can present risks of accident: it is therefore strongly recommended to have it removed. Consult this guide to better understand the usefulness of having tree stumps removed, as well as the costs associated with this intervention, in particular the process of crushing the stump and the various factors influencing the final cost.

Price of removing a tree stump: why extract a stump?

A tree stump abandoned on land may appear relatively harmless compared to a tree that may collapse, damage structures, or catch fire. However, it is advisable not to leave a tree stump in the ground for several reasons. This is because low stumps can be hidden under grass or bushes, but represents an obstacle for children and adults crossing the area.

Also, the presence of tree stumps in a garden adversely affects the appearance of the property, which will be an issue when owners want to sell. In addition, a stump attracts certain insects, and can also emit new branches, to start afresh. Finally, it constitutes an obstacle, around which it is complicated to mow the lawn, which lengthens the time spent maintaining the garden.

Cost of removing a tree stump: using a stump trimmer

This is the most widely used method for Tree removal: using a trimmer (or “stump grinder”) which will be handled only by a specialized worker, the wood is trimmed gradually, by sweeping a metal disc. This rotating blade at the front of the machine quickly reduces the hardest woods to shred and sawdust. The disc also trims large roots, making it easy to convert the area back to a garden or lawn. The process can be very quick using a rental trimmer. However, the speed of the intervention clearly depends on the level of expertise of the user as well as the quality of the machine.

Price of tree stump removal: alternative methods

Although using a professional equipped with a quality machine is the most efficient and fastest method of removing a tree stump from the ground, it is also the most expensive. Some alternative methods are possible: use of a decomposition solution (slow method), a stump destroyer (which slowly burns the stump), or pickax / mechanical extraction. It is possible to dig with a pickaxe to dislodge stumps of small to medium circumference, but another method is necessary for larger stumps.

If one wishes to avoid high costs and the intervention of a specialized worker, one can also use a “stump destroyer”, by pouring oil (or derivative) into cavities dug in the stump before putting there. fire, which slowly consumes the wood. A process which is not without risk and which can make your garden ugly. The method of decomposition is the one that requires the least effort, but it can take several weeks for the potassium nitrate to act before the wood is soft enough to extract the stump easily.

Price of removing a tree stump: preparation and cleaning of the area

It is important to note that the intervention of a professional for the extraction of a tree stump does not exempt you from the stages of preparation and cleaning before and after its passage. If the tree is still straight, its trunk should be cut and removed from the area, so as to provide full access to the stump. This step requires specific tools and additional costs. The tree stumpsold trees covered with lianas and weeds can be difficult to access, and it is the owner’s role to clear the vegetation to facilitate the work of the worker. This will speed up the process and accurately measure the diameter of the stump. Finally, using a trimmer creates a significant amount of sawdust, and providers will charge an additional fee to clear the area.